General information

Faculty of Chemistry of Gdansk University of Technology belongs to the top chemical faculties in Poland, with category A. Corrosion science and corrosion protection is developed since the sixties of the last century at the Faculty. In recent years polymers and composites, technical ceramics and glass, concrete and reinforced concrete are more and more widely used in engineering practice. The use of wood and paper is still very high. Therefore, corrosion attack took another, more general meaning. To meet the new challenges, Gdansk University of Technology organized a new, wide range of teaching.

Fields of education

At the Faculty of Chemistry and thus in our Department  a three-stage system of education is conducted. Stage I of studies (B.Sc. level) takes 3.5 years, and second degree of studies 1.5-year is finished with Master's degree. The third stage of studies finish with achieving of Ph.D. in chemical technologies or chemistry. In its statutory activities the Department prepares the undergraduates to work in a wide field related to protection against corrosion. Additionally, we organize postgraduate studies on anticorrosion protection and wide range of courses  in the field of corrosion protection for the industry partners.


Currently, the Department carries out teaching process in three fields of studies. Anticorrosion Protection Technologies is specialization of Chemical Technologies field of studies, Corrosion Engineering is a part of Materials Engineering field of studies and on the field of study Maintanance and Degradation of Materials the specialization is of the same name.

The second degree of studies of Maintanance and Degradation of Materials is carried out in english.

The competence of the graduate

Graduates that finish specializations in the Department are sought after employees in the power, refining and petrochemical industry, in wastewater management, food processing, ship-building and chemical industries. Graduates are employed in museums and design offices. Attractive, practical education prepares for a profession in any field of corrosion protection technologies and maintenance of materials. The most talented graduates are offered with doctoral studies

Studia podyplomowe

Postgraduate studies of Anticorrosion Protection Technology propose an innovative teaching offer, dedicated to engineers working in different business units. The aim of the study is to provide the latest information in the field of corrosion and corrosion protection. This type of studies has a continuous interest. The studies lasts for a full year. The teaching offer includes corrosion science, methods of corrosion measurements, corrosion monitoring and diagnostics. Depending on the interests of participants the studies are focused on protective coatings or electrochemical methods of corrosion protection.


DNV Certificate

Certificate of recognition by Minister of Infrastructure and Development
(annex no.1 to certificate)


The Department carry out two types of courses: Coatings Inspectors Course and Electrochemical Protection Inspectors Course. Both of them have been initiated at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. Courses incluse 50 hours of lectures and laboratory and off-road excercises. The scope and the level of teaching is in conformity with relevant courses Frosio and NACE. Its equivalence has been confirmed by DNV and Polish Register of Shipping.