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In 1956, the facility of Marine Corrosion was started as a part of Department of Physical Chemistry. As a result of changes in the structure, which took place in 1968/69 a facility was renamed into Anticorrosion Protection within the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Measurement Techniques. The Department was placed in the Chemistry "A" building. The head of the facility was prof. Romuald Juchniewicz. In 1989-91, the Facility has funded a third floor of the Chemistry "C" building. Anticorrosion Protectionc Facility transferred to the newly established laboratories. The year 1991 is also a year of change in the structure of the Chemical Faculty. Institutes were dismantled and Departments were re-established. A Department of Anticorrosion Protection Technology was created. In 1996 prof. Kazimierz Darowicki became new Head of the Department. As a result of a constant development in new scientific areas in 2003 the name was changed again and it is now Department of Electrochemistry, Corrosion and Materials Engineering. In 2023 dr Juliusz Orlikowski became new Head of the Department. 

Department today

Currently the Department gives employment to a titular professor and nine assistant professors, including four with the degree of habilitated doctor, as well as two assistants and three specialists. In the Ph.D. studies carried out at the Department 8 students gets their education. Department carries out specializations in the I and II degree of studies in three different fields of study, annual number of the graduates is more than 30 people. An unique e-learning platform e-korozja.pl provides assistance to over 3,000 registered students and graduates.

Among scientific achievements of the Department staff is over 170 scientific articles, issued in prestigious journals (ISI list), as well as 6 manuscripts. Moreover, since 1996 the Department staff delivered over 300 research and expertise for our industry partner.

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