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Kazimierz Darowicki (306A)

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I graduated from the Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT) in June 1981. In March 1981 I was employed at the Chemical Faculty of that University. I have been linked with the Chemical Faculty at GUT throughout my entire professional career up to the current post of full professor and Head of the Department of Electrochemistry, Corrosion and Materials Engineering. I am active in the field of technical sciences.
My research area covers non-linear impedance measurements and impedance measurements under non-stationary conditions. I have a well-established, high international position in this field, as evidenced by my membership in the scientific committees of the biggest cyclic international conferences on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, as well as membership on the editorial boards of many scientific journals. My main scientific achievement is the development of the theoretical fundamentals of the Dynamic Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (DEIS) and its implementation into practice. This novel, original measurement method creates new, unique measurement opportunities overcoming the basic limitation of the classical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), namely the static character of the investigated system. The DEIS method enabled broadening the spectrum of impedance spectroscopy applications into new, non-stationary fields of electrochemistry and corrosion. The idea and theoretical description of the DEIS technique been described in papers published in top-rank scientific journals. The DEIS method was successfully implemented by me to study pitting corrosion, intergranular corrosion, mechanical properties of passive layers, as well as impedance mapping of surface and local nanoimpedance measurements. In addition, the DEIS method is an effective research tool for electrochemical and fuel cells.
I am the author of more than 180 papers in journals recognized by the ISI Web of Science. The total impact factor of these journals equals 430. My papers have been cited more than 1200 times. I am also the author of more than 100 papers published in journals without ISI accreditation and 6 scientific monographs.
I have always taken care of the applied aspects of scientific research. My practical activity is focused around protective coatings, electrochemical protection, corrosion monitoring and diagnostics. I have completed over 300 industry-related projects, including technology implementations and corrosion risk assessments for different companies including LOTOS S.A., PKN ORLEN Płock S.A., Trzebinia Refinery S.A., Kozienice Electric Power S.A., Belchatow Electric Power S.A., Rybnik Electric Power S.A, Shipyard CRIST Gdynia S.A, Remontowa Shiprepaire Yard S.A., NAFTOPORT S.A., PERN „Przyjazn” S.A., PBG S.A., Construction Company Ltd, Brewing Company (Tychy Brewery, Poznan Brewery, Bialystok Brewery), Municipal Water and Sewage in Warsaw S.A., Municipal Water and Sewage in Krakow S.A., Municipal Water and Sewage in Elblag, SAUR Neptune Gdansk S.A., Gdansk Water and Sewage Infrastructure S.A., etc. A number of investigations have been done for foreign entities, including Alcan Ltd. (Canada), Keramchemie GmbH (Germany) and MetroPro Ltd., (Ireland) .
My main practical achievements involve anticorrosion protection of flue gas desulphurization systems, as well as the development and implementation of a method for fast assessment of the condition of protective polymer linings. Other original achievements include the development of a method for the evaluation of the impact of stray currents on underground structures and cathodic protection of offshore drilling platforms, as well as the development and implementation of remote corrosion monitoring for the water supply system in the city of Gdansk. Currently I am conducting studies on the monitoring systems for atmospheric distillation columns in the petroleum plants of PKN ORLEN in Plock, Trzebinia S.A. and LOTOS Gdańsk. A significant part of the results from industry-related work have been published in recognized corrosion journals. The research outcomes have been highly evaluated and are greatly appreciated by the customers.
The Department of Electrochemistry, Corrosion and Materials Engineering, which was created by me in 1996, is an affiliated member of the European Federation of Corrosion, and is one of the biggest and the most influential scientific and educational centers dealing with corrosion on a global scale. I was the supervisor of 17 Ph. D. graduates, and four of my former students obtained the professor degree.
It was my initiative to create the inter-faculty ‘Materials Engineering’ program at the Gdanńsk University of Technology. I also initiated and created the ‘Conservation and Degradation of Materials’ program. I am in charge of the ‘Anticorrosion Protection Technologies’ postgraduate studies. In addition, I initiated two specialist courses: ‘Coating inspector’ and ‘Cathodic protection inspector’. They were both launched as an answer to the request from the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Affairs (currently: Ministry of Infrastructure and Development). The courses obtained accreditation from the DET NORSKE VERITAS and the POLISH SHIP REGISTRY. The inspector certificates issued by us are recognized worldwide.
I was the head of the Polish Corrosion Society for two terms. I represented Poland in the World Corrosion Organization and in the European Federation of Corrosion. I was and I still am involved in work for different groups of the State Committee for Scientific Research, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Centre for Research and Development, the National Science Centre and the Committee for Evaluation of Scientific Units. I have been the head of the “N204 Chemistry” reviewers of scientific grants panel, the chairman of the Interdisciplinary Team of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the chairman of the Group for Evaluation of Scientific Units SI-1CT and SI-2CT (Exact and Engineering Science)
My research activity is characterized by a balance between fundamental studies and technological investigations. Both these fields are complementary and there is a mutual feedback between them. Hence, apart from substantial publication outcomes, I have significant practical achievements in solving important technical problems.

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Okładka czasopisma Jacek Ryl, Joanna Wysocka, Pawe¸ ĺlepski, Kazimierz Darowicki Instantaneous impedance monitoring of synergistic effect between cavitation erosion and corrosion processes 2016 ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA. -Vol. 203, (2016), s.388-395 Details


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