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Michał Szociński (312)

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Okładka czasopisma Krzysztof Żakowski, Michał Narożny, Michał Szociński, Kazimierz Darowicki Influence of water salinity on corrosion risk - the case of the southern Baltic Sea coast. 2014 ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT. -Vol. 186., iss. 8 (2014), s.4871-4879 Details
Okładka czasopisma Jarosław Wawer, Joanna Krakowiak, Michał Szociński, Zofia Lustig, Marcin Olszewski, Kamila Szostak Inhibition of amyloid fibril formation of hen egg white lysozyme by trimethylamine N-oxide at low pH 2014 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES. -Vol. 70., (2014), s.214-221 Details
Okładka czasopisma Krzysztof Żakowski, Michał Szociński, Michał Narożny Study of the formation of calcareous deposits on cathodically protected steel in Baltic sea water 2013 ANTI-CORROSION METHODS AND MATERIALS. -Vol. 60., iss. 2 (2013), s.95-99 Details
Okładka czasopisma Michał Szociński, Kazimierz Darowicki, Katarzyna Schaefer Aplication of impedance imaging to evaluation of organic coating degradation at a local scale 2012 Journal of Coatings Technology and Research. -Vol. 10., iss. 1 (2012), s.65-72 Details
Okładka czasopisma Michał Szociński, Kazimierz Darowicki Local impedance spectra of organic coatings 2012 POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY. -Vol. 98., nr. iss. 1 (2012), s.261-265 Details


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